Math At Home

Check out these resources to help your child's development in math.  At Marcus Whitman, we believe: 

  • everyone can learn math at high levels
  • believing in yourself changes what you can do 
  • mistakes and challenges are the best times for your brain
  • visual models and pictures are critical first steps in math understanding
  • math is about depth, not speed
  • families are a vital part of a child's education 

Math and the Brain

Growth Mindset

Learn about the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. 

Brains Grow and Change

Watch this video and learn how your brain grows during math.

Believe in Yourself

Did you know believing in yourself affects how you do in school? Learn more here.

Mistakes Are Powerful

Watch this video to learn how mistakes and challenges are great for the brain.

Digital Tools

Number Pieces

number pieces math

Number Rack

Number Frames

number frames

Number Line

number line


whiteboard ap


fractions app

Math Words & Ideas


Online Games


How Parents Can Help with Homework

Provide your child with a quiet place to think deeply about math. Turn off the TV and remove other distractions. 

Encourage your child to take their time and to think through problems in order to make the mathematical connections necessary for understanding.

Question their thinking instead of showing them how to do something. Ask:    Where could you start? How could you draw it? Why is that the correct answer? What is another way you could solve that?

Model a growth mindset and remind your child that mistakes and challenges are good for the brain. If you notice a wrong answer, ask - "Show me how you got that answer" and learn what misunderstanding your child may have. 

At-Home Math Activities

Counting K-1

First page of the PDF file: AtHomeCountingK-1

Addition and Subtraction 

First page of the PDF file: AtHomeMathAddSubK-5docx

Fractions and Decimals

First page of the PDF file: AtHomeMathFractions2-5docx

Multiplication and Division

First page of the PDF file: AtHomeMathMultDiv2-5docx